Roulette – Ideas On How To Play

Roulette is an interesting game that people play all over the world. Big amounts of money that can be won with small bets attract both experts and new players to play Roulette in Vegas.


The Rules of Roulette

People use different color chips to make sure their bets don’t get mixed up. The worth of your chips is decided by the amount you spend to get them. When you finish playing, make sure to exchange your chips at the same table where you were playing before that. As soon as you leave that table, nobody will know the worth of your chips.
Every turn of the wheel gives a lot of choices to play. A player might bet on one number, a group of numbers or close by numbers. A player can also use colors, odd numbers or others in their game. A bet that only involves one number gives out 35 times what was put forward, including numbers zero and double-zero. Betting on red or black, odd numbers versus even ones pays out equal to your bet. It’s like getting back the amount you originally wagered.

How to play roulette online has four steps

  • Place your bet : If you’re playing games on the internet, choose how many chips to use for betting. Next, put your chips on the wager you want to make.
  • Spin the wheel : At online roulette wheel, there is no time limit. So when you’re prepared, press the ‘Spin’ button. This will let the ball go into a digital wheel.
  • The outcome :The wheel will stop and the ball will find its place in a slot.
  • The result : Hold your breath. If you’re lucky, they will give you some money. The next session starts after the outcome.

Roulette Bets, Payouts

  • Single-number bet pays 35/1. Also called “straight up.”
  • 17-to-1 double number bet. Also called “split.”
  • A bet using 3 numbers gives a payout of 11-to-1. Another term for “street” is also used.
  • A bet with four numbers pays 8-1. Also known as “corner betting.”
  • Five-number bet pays 6/1. Only one bet with these numbers: 0-00-1-2-3.
  • Six-number bets pay 5-1. Example: Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten to Twelve. Also called “line.”
  • First, second and third set pay 2 to 1.
  • Betting on a column with twelve numbers gives 2 to 1 payout.
  • 18 (1-18) pays even.
  • 18 (19-36) pays even.
  • Red or black pays equally.
  • Even, odd bets pay even.

Bet Types

Outside Bets
In the roulette game, a common bet called Red or Black pays even money. Players can pick red or black color for their bets. The winners keep what they had at the start and get an equal share. The payout chance for odd or even are same, but people bet on old numbers along with even ones. The High or Low bet is a 50/50 wager on numbers 1-18 and 19-36. The house gets its advantage from having the zero spot in every roulette bets.

Inside Bets
People who don’t like taking risks should stay away from these bets because they have a low chance of winning but huge rewards. People who gamble usually bet on one number and sometimes get 35 or 1 as their prize. In American roulette strategy, players can bet on the zero or double zero spots. They get 35 times their money back if they win and have a chance of winning against odds that are about thirty-seven to one.


Finally discussed here the roulette casino. Many people who gamble really love it and think they have plans to win big every time with no risk. You need to understand that you can’t avoid chance. We’ll cover these tactics next. Our casino’s online roulette on superace88 gives you many chances to win. This game is fun and relaxing!