Blackjack – Guide for Beginners

Blackjack is a banking game in the casino. It is the most popular casino banking game played all over the world. It uses 52 card decks and comes from a worldwide group of gambling games called “twenty-one”. This group of card games also has the European game vingt-et-un and pontoon, and Russian game Ochko.


How to Play Blackjack?

Join a table

You’ll join the blackjack table. When all players are prepared, each one gets two cards shown. The person selling cards gets two of them. One is visible, the other hidden.

Choose if you want to ‘Hit’ or stay where you are

Find the worth of your hand and that of the dealer. Then, get near to 21 without going broke by adding up their values. You can either use your gut feeling or learn more from our guide on blackjack basic strategy.

Choose to ‘Hit’

Get a new card from the seller. Do this when you are sure that the next card won’t make you lose all your money or willing to chance it with a better hand from the dealer.

Choose to ‘Stand’

Tell the dealer to deal you no more cards and move on to the next player. You will likely do this when your card points are very high already (like over 17), and you’re not sure if the dealer can beat yours.

Your hand value

After you made that move, your hand value will probably be different. If your hand is valued at 21 or less, you’ll still be playing the game at any online casino like Okada casino.

Dealer reveals their cards

When everyone at the table has made their choices, the dealer shows their hidden card which can is also available to be played at Okada.

Find out whose age is closest to 21

If your hand gets nearer to 21 than the dealer’s, you beat their deck and win. If the dealer gets 21 or a closers total to it than other players, them deal wins. The person who deals the cards will give you your money if you won. The money you get back will change based on what kind of bet is made.

Simple Beginner Tips for Blackjack

  • Make sure to look at the dealer’s face card first before making any choices.
  • Skip adding the extra bet to protect you as it only gives a 2 for 1.
  • Focus and know when to slow down so you don’t get hurt.
  • Play Blackjack game, listen to the advice of an expert.

Blackjack – A rules to remember

Now we’ve learned the simple rules of blackjack, here are a few more basics to remember. Always remember to always know how much you can win in different blackjack strategy situations. Also, learn which moves are best for your hand so you make good decisions. Here are some more blackjack rules for your reference:

Regular wins pay 1:1

This is when your cards have a total value more like 21 than the dealer’s.

Blackjack wins pay 3:2

This is when your cards add up to 21.

16 and below

Dealer needs to increase their value if their hand is worth 16 or less.

Hit or Stand

Players can decide between getting more cards (hitting) or stopping at their current ones (standing). They aim for a final hand value closest to 21. They can also double their bet or separate


Make your two cards into two single hands, for an additional shot at winning against the dealer. If you have two cards of the same worth, this is a choice. If not used properly it can lead to winning or losing games  use wisely!

Double Down

You can decide to put twice as much money on the table during a game, but you’ll only get one card. You won’t be able to ask for another one. Some casinos may let you double down on slots other than 10 or an 11, but it’s not usually the best option. But some internet casinos don’t allow this choice.


Blackjack is an old and fun card game that has kept players interested for many years. Its mix of ability, planning and chance makes it hard but also fun. The easy rules of the games, where you try to beat the dealer’s hand without going over 21, make many people want to play.

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