Revealing that Messi elected Haaland to win FIFA The Best

Notable votes at the FIFA The Best 2023 awards ceremony have been revealed.

( JBET888 CASINO | Official Website ) In 2023, Messi will not leave much of an impression. The Argentine superstar could not go deep with PSG in the C1 Cup, not to mention he also left Europe to come to the American professional soccer league. However, Messi still won the FIFA The Best 2023 election.

Messi has equal voting points compared to Haaland (48) but surpasses the Man City star due to having more votes from the national team captains (13 compared to 11). It is worth mentioning that the superstar born in 1987 still favors Haaland in this poll.

Specifically, Messi, as captain of the Argentina national team, voted Haaland the highest score (5 points), Mbappe ranked 2nd (3 points), and Alvarez ranked 3rd (1 point). This shows that “El Pulga” himself highly appreciates what Haaland shows in 2023.

Mbappe, who finished third in the FIFA The Best 2023 race, had another choice. The French striker voted Messi the highest score, while Haaland and De Bruyne ranked 2nd and 3rd respectively. 

Meanwhile, considering the voting of the national team head coaches, it is not surprising that coach Lionel Scaloni ranked Messi first. What is notable is that he ignored Haaland in the top 3 positions.

Ronaldo did not participate in voting for FIFA The Best 2023. Instead, Pepe did that job. Pepe did not rank Messi in all three top positions, instead choosing Bernardo Silva, Haaland and Osimhen respectively.

Instead of voting for FIFA The Best 2023, Ronaldo posted a photo on his personal social networking site with the implicit status line: “Come back for more”. Perhaps CR7 implicitly affirms his desire to win FIFA The Best one more time. 

CR7 is not included in the FIFA The Best 2023 nomination list. However, he will have the opportunity to compete in FIFA The Best 2024 if he plays explosively at EURO 2024.

Currently, Messi surpasses Ronaldo to become the player with the most FIFA The Best wins in world football history. He was honored 3 times, 1 more title than CR7.

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Revealing that Messi elected Haaland to win FIFA The Best