Chess – Winning Strategy

Chess is a two-player game of strategy. It is a game where players move on a board and there are specific rules for each move. The goal is to start an attack called checkmate against the other player’s king, stopping them from getting away.


Background History

Chess is about 1,500 years old. It started from chaturanga in India long ago as its early ancestor. People talk and guess about its history. It moved from India to Persia, where its types and rules were changed. This led to the creation of a new type called Shatranj in that area. A really old Indian fighting game between two people started chess in the sixth century. As chess became popular in Europe, the names and moves of its different pieces changed too.

The Successful Strategy

Effective Opening Moves

The first goal of your chess moves should be to take charge and control the game board. The important part of the board is its middle. If you can control the middle with your game pieces and helpers, you will have power over what happens in the game. White has two pawns that can control the middle of the board, but Black’s pawn is weak in those areas.

Don’t Give Things Away For Free

Trading pieces is part of playing chess, but it’s important to only trade for ones that are worth the same. Many players lose because they purposely give up their pieces and pawns. But, get all the free stuff your opponent gives you but don’t fall for tricks. But watch out for problems too.

Put The Pieces In Position

To get close to the king, you need to set up your pieces for an attack first. So, you will need active chess pieces with lots of choices. Pawns have square control. Knights like to play in the center. Bishops favor lengthy diagonals. Rooks like to be placed in the middle or on empty lines. Chess queen needs to be prepared for action. Your chess king should be ready to take action.

Plan An Attack Against The King

Usually, a king can’t be checkmated with just one piece. Checkmate usually needs many pieces to work together. Often, you need a check piece and at least one defender to stop the king from getting it. Sometimes, extra items are needed to get past the enemy’s defenses.

Watch Out For Your King’s Safety

Remember, the other player is also fighting and will go after your king or queen. It is very important to keep a close eye on the dangers that each move of your rival creates. A good way to keep a king safe is by placing him behind walls made of pawns. As shown in the place below, White’s king is safe and sound. But Black’s king can be easily attacked by others.

Always be a Good Sport

No matter if you win or lose the game, always say congratulations or thank your enemy. Both winning and losing are what games are about. Even the greatest players worldwide are often beaten. So be nice and caring once it’s done. Then, spend time thinking about how to do things better next round.


Fastest Moves to Win

  • Fool’s Mate
  • Grob’s Attack
  • Scholar’s Mate
  • Owen’s Defence
  • Dutch Defence
  • Bird’s Opening
  • Caro-Kann Defence Smothered Mate
  • Italian Game Smothered Mate
  • Englund Gambit Mate
  • Budapest Defence Smothered Mate


Chess teaches how to think smartly in a game. In life, just like playing chess board, thinking about what happens when you make choices and looking ahead a few steps can help. Thinking ahead and seeing a far-off goal lets us make better choices. It helps adjust to different situations too.